OK, so unfortunately you’ve been involved in an auto accident. Now what?Here’s an illustration of the steps involved in repairing and restoring your vehicle – from beginning to delivery.


Our on staff appraiser will inspect and assess the damages related to the loss to your vehicle. Note: there may be damage that is not viable to our appraiser. In some cases this damage can only be seen after parts are removed.


If you decide to use an insurance company, be it your company or the person that hit you.  You will have to report the loss to them.

They will then assign one of their licensed appraiser’s to come to your home or office to evaluate the damages to your vehicle. At this point the insurance company will determine the “value” of your vehicle against the cost to make the necessary repairs. Assuming your car is repairable the repair process can begin. Please bring a copy of their estimate with you when dropping your vehicle off for repairs.


Based on the inspection and experience of the technician – the necessary parts are determined and an order is placed.

Aftermarket or LKQ Parts may be written by your insurance company, based on the year, make and mileage of your vehicle. Fathers and Sons will work with the insurance company to make sure you can get the best fit and quality of those parts.


Our experienced auto body technicians evaluate your vehicle using state-of-the-art measuring systems. If there is any deviation from factory specifications then your vehicle will undergo frame/unibody repairs to bring it back to factory specs.


Paint is a critical step in the process of restoring and repairing your car. Our experienced paint professionals know how to prepare and apply the necessary layers to assure good adhesion for a great color match and long life!


Molding, trim details and bodywork components are reconnected  and inspected for fit and finish to ensure that your vehicle’s cosmetics meet our high standards. At this point the vehicle is nearly completed.


The vehicle is thoroughly cleaned and inspected. If anything needs adjustment, the vehicle is sent back for those changes. Once it has passed the Inspection Stage it is available for delivery.


Your car is repaired and it is ready for pick up. You’ve receive an invoice that details the parts and labor required to restore your car.  Once payment has been processed the customer drives away in a car that’s been professionally repaired to pre-accident condition!